Scrapbooking On A Budget: How To Save Money And Still Create Beautiful Projects

I love to scrapbook. It’s a great way to tell the story of your life, with all its ups and downs, and share it with your loved ones. 

But as much as I love scrapbooking, there are certain things I don’t enjoy about it: spending money on supplies and equipment, for example. 

And while some people may think that anyone who enjoys scrapbooking is wealthy enough not to worry about their budget or that it’s not possible to do so I’m here today to show you how wrong they are! 

9 Ways to scrapbook on a budget – YouTube
– Scrapbooking can be an enjoyable hobby and a great way to preserve memories.
– Those interested in starting a scrapbooking project can benefit from a guide on how to choose the right supplies and essential materials.
– Creating beautiful scrapbooking projects doesn’t have to be expensive; there are many ways to stay within a budget, such as using affordable materials or shopping sales and clearance sections.
– Professionals and beginners alike can take advantage of multiple layout design techniques that can make a scrapbook project unique and personal.
– There are many additional resources available for those interested in pursuing scrapbooking, including cost-saving tips, project ideas, and FAQ guides.

You can save money on supplies without sacrificing quality or variety by following these tips:

1. Shop For Sales And Find Coupons

Use coupons. You can sign up for them online, or clip them out of the Sunday paper and bring them with you when you go shopping.

Shop for sales, or at least use the store’s website to check prices before heading to the store. You may be able to find cheaper versions of what you want online, so be sure to check there first.

If you’re looking for scrapbooking supplies, consider going to a discount department store like Ross or TJ Maxx instead of an arts-and-crafts store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby because they often have lower prices than other stores do (but still have quality merchandise). 

Or look online there are many websites that sell scrapbooking items at discounted rates!

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2. Use Only What You Need

  • Use only what you need.
  • Don’t be tempted to buy more than you need.
  • Buy only what you will use.

It’s important to remember that there are only three things in scrapbooking: paper, embellishments, and photos. 

Everything else is optional. So don’t get lured into purchasing a 12-piece die cut set because it’s on sale for $5 instead of buying an 8-piece set for $4 (or even better yet, just buy one die cut at a time when you need it).

3. Limit The Use Of Embellishments

It’s tempting to buy lots of embellishments, but you don’t need them all. If you are on a budget and want to use up what you already have before buying more, try limiting yourself to one or two new embellishments per project. 

You can also use the same embellishment in several different projects as long as it’s versatile (like buttons, for example).

If there’s an item that isn’t useful and won’t get used, don’t buy it! In fact, there are several types of items that should be avoided altogether: expensive pieces (such as ribbons), large pieces (like flowers), and specialty products (such as 3D foam adhesive). If the piece isn’t something everyone else uses too then why bother?

3D StickersUse 3D stickers sparingly or in place of other bulky embellishments, such as chipboard pieces or brads, to add dimension to your projects.
Washi TapeSet a limit on how much washi tape you use per project, or use it as a replacement for patterned paper to save money.
ButtonsUse buttons in moderation as accents, or consider using thread or floss to sew several buttons together to make a unique embellishment.
RibbonUse ribbon as a border or tie a bow to add a special touch, rather than using it for every project. Consider using twine or string to give a similar look for less.
Enamel DotsTry using enamel dot stickers to replace gems or rhinestones, or limit your use of them to a single color or shape in a project.

Limiting the use of embellishments can help save money and keep your scrapbooking projects from looking cluttered. Be creative and resourceful in finding ways to add visual interest to your projects without overusing expensive embellishments.

4. Diy Embellishments

One of the easiest ways to save money when scrapbooking is by making your own embellishments. There are so many options for creating decorations and trinkets, you’re sure to find something that suits your style. 

The best part of this tip is that it gives you the opportunity to make your project unique and personal! You can find all kinds of materials at home or in craft stores that will help bring your vision to life:

Fabric scraps, lace and ribbon (or even our favorite combination—tulle) work great for adding texture to pages. Simply cut pieces into strips or squares, tie them together with twine or string in rows across a page, then add photos through washi tape as needed.

Tissue paper can be used similarly; just cut out circles with different sized punches then fold each one flat into triangles before gluing them down on opposite sides of a spread using double-sided tape or glue dots.

Small wooden beads can be strung together using embroidery thread (or similar) to create charms for bookmarks or photo corners.

Paperclips can be painted gold and used as bookmarks; buttons make great adornments on cards/pages too!

Want to create beautiful paper crafts without breaking the bank? Our guide on Paper Crafts on a Budget: Inexpensive Ideas for Your Next Project will teach you how to get creative with affordable and accessible materials.

5. Use Digital Design Elements Instead Of Physical Products

While digital scrapbooking can be a little intimidating at first, it’s actually quite easy to get started once you’ve familiarized yourself with the process. 

If you’re already a paper scrapper and want to try out something new, this is an excellent way to save money while still creating unique projects. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Digital elements are less expensive than physical products (like those sold at stores)
  • You can use them for any type of project or theme that you want — there aren’t any “rules” on how they should be used!
  • They’re easy to store and re-download whenever needed.

6. Host A Crop Party

Hosting a craft party is a great way to meet new people and save money on supplies. You can host it at your home or at a local coffee shop or library. You can even use it as an opportunity to network with other crafters in your area!

If you haven’t hosted a crop party before, start small by inviting only friends and family members over. After the first time, you’ll be ready to invite new people who may not know each other yet. 

The next step will be charging them a small fee (or nothing) so that they know they’re getting their money’s worth while still providing yourself with enough money to cover expenses like food and supplies for future events as well!

Stampin’ UpAs a Stampin’ Up demonstrator, you can host a workshop or party and earn hostess rewards based on the total sales from the event.
Creative MemoriesAs a Creative Memories consultant, you can host a crop party and earn commission on sales from your guests. Host rewards are available based on the total sales from the party.
Close to My HeartHost a gathering through Close to My Heart and earn free and discounted supplies based on the total sales from the gathering.
Creative MemoriesHost a Virtual Crop Party with Creative Memories and earn commission on sales as well as a host reward based on the total sales from the event.
TupperwareHost a Tupperware party and earn free and discounted products based on the total sales from the party. Host rewards can include Tupperware products as well as host credit towards future purchases.

Hosting a crop party is a great way to earn rewards and discounts on your hobby supplies while also socializing and having fun.

7. Earn Rewards From Online Stores

Create a wishlist and use it to get free products, discounts, or shipping. Many stores offer points for reviewing products purchased from their site. 

You can also earn points by referring friends and family who make purchases on the site. If you have a lot of designers in your circle of influence, that’s another way to earn points quickly!

Use free shipping coupons when ordering products for your scrapbooking projects. Almost all online stores have some type of coupon that will allow you to get free shipping on orders over $50—and this includes many big-box retailers like Staples (which sells papercrafting supplies), 

Office Depot (which sells craft glue) and Amazon Prime memberships as well as third party retailers like Ebay and Etsy sellers who sell papercrafting supplies at affordable prices because they don’t want customers having sticker shock when they see how much their supplies cost!

Are you ready to take your scrapbooking skills to the next level? Explore our Scrapbooking 101: How to Preserve Your Memories in Style guide for expert tips on layout design, photo placement, and enhancing your memories with unique embellishments.

8. Become A Consultant For A Manufacturer Or Store

If you’re looking for a way to make money with your hobby, becoming a consultant for a manufacturer or store could be the perfect opportunity. 

As a consultant, you’ll get paid in cash, gift cards and/or product instead of in store credit. You can earn money by teaching people how to use the products you sell and by selling your own creations.

As an example: I’m currently working as a consultant for Stampin’ Up! (the company that makes my favorite products). I sell my handmade cards and projects through their website at wholesale prices; they take care of everything from packaging them up to shipping them out so all I have to do is create!

Another example: You can become an online teacher with Craftsy (one of my favorite websites) where they pay instructors $100 per sale plus 10% commission on recurring sales made by students following your class curriculum and 3% commission on any other sales related to your class. 

The classes are usually between 1-2 hours long so it’s easy work if you’re already comfortable with what you’re teaching!

Scrapbooking Consultant Opportunities

Creative MemoriesConsultantQuarterly minimum of $345 in personal sales to remain active. Must be willing to travel and attend training events.
Stampin’ UpDemonstratorBe at least 18 years old, purchase a starter kit for $99 that includes supplies and training materials.
Close to My HeartConsultantNo monthly minimums, but must maintain $300 in sales per quarter. Receive a 22% base commission.
Mary KayIndependent Beauty ConsultantPurchase a starter kit for $100 and reach out to potential customers. Most successful consultants have a strong network and passion for the brand.
TupperwareConsultantPurchase a starter kit for $30 and hold at least one party every four months. Receive a 25% commission on sales.

Becoming a consultant for a scrapbooking brand or store is a great way to make money doing what you love while also supporting a brand or store you believe in.

9. Save Money With Bundles, Collections, And Kits

When you’re first starting out, one of the best ways to save money on scrapbooking is to buy kits. A kit has everything you need to complete a project from start to finish, and it will save you money in the long run because it’s cheaper than buying each item individually.

For example, if you’re making an album about your kids’ trips around the world but don’t want to spend a lot of time finding decorative elements or designing pages yourself, then buying a kit can be an excellent option for saving money on scrapbooking projects. 

You’ll get everything already pre-planned for you: layouts that are ready-to-use, embellishments that match perfectly with each other (and with your photos), and even paper designs that match the theme of your book.

In addition to kits designed by companies like Scrapbooking Made Easy or My Favorite Things Studio , there are also several websites offering bundles at discounted prices: Craftsy , Trendy Treehouse Treasures , Creative Memories , Scrapbook Connections.

Take your scrapbooking projects to the next level with our guide to DIY Scrapbooking: How to Create Your Own Albums and Journals. From start to finish, learn how to make personalized albums and journals that showcase your creativity and memories.

10. Buy In Bulk When It’s Worth It

When it comes to buying in bulk, the trick is to purchase only what you need and not to over-purchase. When buying supplies, there are two types of bulk items: consumables and non-consumables. 

Consumables include paper and embellishments that will be used up over time (such as stickers or rubber stamps). Non-consumable items can be stored for later use (like a journal or a box full of note cards).

If you’re just starting out with scrapbooking on a budget, it’s recommended that you start by purchasing small amounts of consumable products like stickers or washi tape until your scrapbooking needs become more apparent. 

This way, if something changes drastically about how much work goes into making your albums each week whether it be because of schedule changes or new demands from other aspects of life you’re less likely to end up wasting money on unnecessary materials that clutter up shelves and drawers at home!

11. Don’t Buy All Of Your Supplies At Once

You may be tempted to buy all your supplies at once, but resist the urge! Instead, buy them as you need them. This is especially important if there are a lot of different items involved in creating your project. 

For example, if you’re making an album and need paper and embellishments for each page or even multiple pages in one spread it’s better to get those individually instead of buying an entire pack of coordinating papers all at once.

It’s also helpful to have some back-up materials on hand in case something gets ruined or damaged while working on a project. You can keep extras of these things around until they’re needed.:

Buy as you needInstead of buying all of your supplies at once, buy them as you need them, especially if you have a lot of different items involved in your project.
Seasonal clearance salesTake advantage of seasonal clearance sales by buying items that are on clearance that you can incorporate in your projects.
Discount and coupon codesShop online to find discount and coupon codes for your favorite craft brands and stores.
Membership discountsConsider membership discounts, such as those offered by craft stores, which can give you access to exclusive discounts and sales.
Buy in bulkIf you use a lot of a specific item, consider buying in bulk to get a better price overall.
Secondhand transactionsLook for secondhand transactions that sell scrapbooking supplies, such as thrift stores, garage sales, and online marketplaces that offer gently-used items.

These tips can help you save money when buying scrapbooking supplies without compromising the quality of your projects.

12. Shop At Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, And Discount Stores

If you’re on a budget, consider shopping at garage sales and thrift stores. You can often find materials, supplies, tools and equipment for a fraction of the price.

You can also shop online with sites like ebay or to save money on digital products like images and templates. 

And don’t forget about the big box stores like Wal-Mart or Target where you will find great deals on scrapbooking kits and albums!

Ready to dive into the world of scrapbooking? Our 15 Easy Scrapbooking Techniques for Beginners guide will teach you how to incorporate simple techniques and design elements to create beautiful, professional-looking scrapbook projects.


We hope you found this article helpful! If you have any more money saving tips, we’d love to hear them. 

Please leave us a comment below or send us a message on social media with your suggestions so we can add them to our list. Happy crafting!

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What are some essential supplies needed for scrapbooking?

Some essential supplies for scrapbooking include adhesive, cardstock or patterned paper, scissors, trimmer, journaling pens, and embellishments.

How do I choose the right photos for my scrapbooking project?

Consider the theme or occasion of your project, and choose photos that best represent that theme or occasion. You can also choose photos based on color schemes or emotions they evoke.

What are some layout design ideas for scrapbooking?

Some popular layout design ideas for scrapbooking include chronological order, event-specific pages, themed pages, color schemes, grid designs, and using negative space.

How can I make my scrapbooking projects more unique and personalized?

Consider incorporating special touches like memorabilia, personalized journaling, using unique page shapes or sizes, and experimenting with mixed media techniques.

How can I stay within budget when scrapbooking?

Some tips for staying within budget when scrapbooking include using materials you already have, shopping sales and clearance sections, buying in bulk, and participating in swaps or trading supplies with others.