Get Into The Halloween Spirit With These Spooky Crafts

It’s October, which means it’s time to get your spooky crafty on. To help you do just that (and because we love Halloween), we’ve rounded up a selection of spooky crafts that are easy to make at home. 

Even if you’re not particularly crafty by nature, I promise all of these projects can be done with just a few supplies!

Make These SPOOKY Crafts With Your Kids This Halloween
1. Halloween is a great time to get crafty and create unique and spooky decorations.
2. There are many types of crafts you can do for Halloween, from paper crafts to woodworking and jewelry making.
3. Knitting and quilting are also great options for creating cozy decorations that you can use year-round.
4. Halloween crafts don’t have to be expensive to be fun and rewarding, and there are many low-cost options available using materials you may already have at home.
5. To find inspiration for Halloween craft projects, you can browse online crafting resources, check out dedicated craft stores, or even repurpose common household items to create one-of-a-kind decorations.

The Black Cat Mask

First, you will need to cut out a cat mask from cardboard. Use your imagination, but if you want to keep things simple there are plenty of templates online that can give you some inspiration.

Once your mask is ready, paint it black and allow it to dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Next, glue a ribbon around the edge of your mask so that it covers up any unfinished edges (this will make it look more professional). You could also decorate with glitter or sequins if you like!

4 For this part take two pieces of white paper and fold them into triangles by folding them along their short sides so they meet at their pointy ends; repeat this process with brown paper which will form ears when unfolded again (see image above). 

Cut out these shapes along their dotted lines then glue them over where eyes would go on our black cat masks using tape or glue stick as shown below:

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The Spooky Mobile

To make this spooky mobile, you’ll need:

  • wood scraps (various sizes)
  • a handful of googly eyes and pipe cleaners
  • paint or markers to decorate your wood pieces.

Once you’ve made your desired number of ghost faces, it’s time to assemble them on the string. To hang them from the ceiling, cut two pieces of string that are twice as long as you want your mobile to be and tie knots in both ends so they won’t slip through holes you poke in each piece of wood. 

Then, using a pushpin or other sharp object, make small holes at both ends of each piece; thread one end through one hole and knot it together before doing the same with the other end (this will keep everything balanced). 

Once all pieces have been hung up along their strings by pushing pins through their backs into whatever surface they’re resting against the wall will work well you can decorate them with googly eyes and long pipe cleaners for arms if desired!

Crafty Pumpkins

To make your own Crafty Pumpkin, you will need a glass jar. Next, grab your favorite marker in order to draw on the face. Then, use a craft knife to cut out the face. Use a glue gun to stick on the eyes and mouth!

Halloween Frames

A frame is a great way to spook up your house for Halloween. Here’s how:

Find an old picture frame, preferably one with a black or white mat.

Paint it if you want (I like black). Make sure you get all of the cracks and crevices!

Now decorate! You can use anything from buttons to sequins to glitter glue and more. Just stick them on however you like the messier the better! 

The only thing I recommend not doing is using super-heavy materials like tacky craft foam or anything else that might make your frame top-heavy. 

Also remember that whatever embellishments you use will need some kind of adhesive; just be careful not to glue down any parts of your decoration unless they’re supposed to stay there permanently (i.e., don’t glue feathers onto peacock feathers).

Photo Frame TypeMaterials NeededDecorative Elements
Wooden frame from MichaelsBlack and orange spray paint from KrylonBat and pumpkin stickers from Jo-Ann
Plastic frame from Dollar TreeOrange ribbon from WalmartBlack felt and googly eyes from Amazon
DIY cardboard frameCardboard from TargetGlue gun and Halloween-themed scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby

This table suggests three Halloween frame ideas using different types of photo frames and materials. For the first idea, a wooden frame from Michaels is used, along with black and orange spray paint from Krylon and bat and pumpkin stickers from Jo-Ann.

For the second idea, a plastic frame from Dollar Tree is recommended, with orange ribbon from Walmart and black felt and googly eyes from Amazon for decoration.

Finally, for the third idea, a DIY cardboard frame is suggested, using cardboard from Target, a glue gun, and Halloween-themed scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby for decoration.

Halloween Wreath

You need:

  • Black pipe cleaners
  • White paper or card stock
  • Glue (I used hot glue, but it’s up to you)


First, cut your black pipe cleaners in half. Next, glue them onto your wreath form in whatever pattern you choose. I created a spiderweb shape by making two rows of five and then connecting the ends with a circle in the middle. After that was complete, I filled in some gaps with smaller circles made from scraps of black paper and hot glued them on top of the main circles for added detail like this one below:

Crafting doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun and fulfilling. With our inexpensive paper crafts ideas, you can turn scrap paper into beautiful and useful things.

DIY Halloween Candles

To make Halloween candles, you’ll need a few supplies:

Wax crayons, which can be found in packs at most craft stores. You’ll want to choose colors that are dark and deep. Orange is a popular choice for this project—but other colors like black or purple will also look great!

A wick and candle holder (make sure they match up). These can usually be purchased together as one unit if you buy your candles from the same place where you buy your wax crayons.

A cake decorating tip (optional). These tips come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but we recommend using one that looks like a jack o’lantern for this project—it will give your candles an extra spooky feel!

Now it’s time to get started on making these cool Halloween candles!

Candle TypeMaterials NeededDecorative Elements
Pillar candle from Yankee CandleBlack and orange tapered candles from Jo-AnnBlack glitter glue from Michael’s
Floating candles from Bath & Body WorksWhite and purple tissue paper from Dollar GeneralHalloween-themed stickers from Target
DIY beeswax candlesBeeswax sheets from AmazonWax color block dyes from The Candlemaker’s Store

This table suggests three Halloween candle ideas using different types of candles and materials. For the first idea, a pillar candle from Yankee Candle is used, along with black and orange tapered candles from Jo-Ann and black glitter glue from Michael’s.

For the second idea, floating candles from Bath & Body Works are recommended, along with white and purple tissue paper from Dollar General and Halloween-themed stickers from Target.

Finally, for the third idea, DIY beeswax candles are suggested, using beeswax sheets from Amazon and wax color block dyes from The Candlemaker’s Store for coloring.

Spin Art Skulls

In order to create a spooky-looking spin art, you’ll need a few things. First off, find a skull template that you like and print it out on paper or cardstock. Then set up your supplies:

Start with an assortment of paints in various colors (or paint bottles with multiple colors).

Grab some paintbrushes in various sizes and shapes; one small brush would be good for detail work while larger brushes will give large areas more coverage.

You can use stencils to create designs on top of the paint splatters, or just leave them as they are! You could also try dipping sponges into dark colors and dabbing them onto blank areas where there hasn’t been any painting yet this will give some nice texture underneath as well as provide contrast between what’s been painted already versus what hasn’t yet touched by any color at all!

Easy and Impressive Pumpkin Stencils

Easy and impressive pumpkin stencils are a great Halloween craft for beginners. You can make your own stencil with cardboard, tape and a sharpie–just trace the patterns you like onto your piece of cardboard. 

Then cut them out with an X-Acto knife or scissors. Once you’ve got your stencil made, all that’s left to do is clean the outside of your pumpkin with water and soap, then spray paint it (or not).

Once your design has dried, place it over the pumpkin’s surface and use another piece of cardboard to hold it down firmly while you carve into it using an X-Acto knife or similar tool. When finished carving out the pattern, take off any extra pieces of tape before removing the paper from inside.

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DIY Halloween Painted Vase

First, choose your vase and make sure it’s clean.

Then, using a black paint pen (or any other dark color), draw the shape of a ghost on one side of the glass. You can use a stencil for this if you want!

Using white paint pens (or any light-colored ones), draw the outlines of swirls and leaves around the ghost shape in different sizes and styles to add an artsy element to your design! These should be done lightly so as not to obscure too much detail from step 2’s work…but also not so lightly that they fade into obscurity when viewed from afar either!

Next up we need some red splashes on our creepy pumpkin mane; these should be placed randomly but with some rhyme or reason behind them so they look like they’re supposed to be there! 

For example: if someone were looking at him directly over their right shoulder while walking away would probably see them off one side? This means we’d put one splash near his head’s left side…another halfway down between his chin/neck area…and maybe another halfway down again where he starts becoming more visible again beneath both arms? 

Just go with what feels right 🙂 5th grade art class taught us all this stuff before they realized how boring art really was without video games or cell phones in class – now we’re paying out big bucks for college tuition!”

Halloween Painted Vase Ideas

VasePaint Colors NeededOther Materials Needed
Glass vase from IKEABlack, orange, and white craft paint from Michael’sSponge daubers from Amazon
Ceramic vase from TargetGreen, purple, and black acrylic paint from Jo-AnnPaintbrushes
Plastic pumpkin vase from Dollar TreeGold and bronze spray paint from KrylonPainter’s tape

This table suggests three different Halloween vase ideas using different types of vases and paint colors. For the first idea, a glass vase from IKEA is recommended, along with black, orange, and white craft paint from Michael’s and sponge daubers from Amazon.

For the second idea, a ceramic vase from Target is suggested, along with green, purple, and black acrylic paint from Jo-Ann and paintbrushes. Finally, for the third idea, a plastic pumpkin vase from Dollar Tree is used, along with gold and bronze spray paint from Krylon and painter’s tape.

Spiderweb Garland

  • Gather your supplies. You’ll need:
  • A roll of crepe paper streamers (in black or gray). You can find these at most craft stores, or online.
  • Black and/or gray paintbrushes.
  • Beads in various sizes and shapes (optional). These will be used for detailing the spiderwebs, but you don’t need to buy them if you don’t want to! Smaller beads make better detail for the webbing, but bigger ones will still look great as a border around your garland.

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Hanging Ghost Lights

Halloween is a great time to get crafty, and if you’re looking for some spooky decorations that are easy to make and even easier to hang on your door or in a window, consider making ghost lights. 

They’re simple: all you need is two pieces of white fabric (one piece should be twice as wide as the other), black thread, and two buttons.

First, cut out two 5″ x 7″ rectangles from each piece of fabric. Then sew one rectangle onto each end of the longer piece of fabric so that they overlap by about an inch you’ll have three layers total when finished (two pieces sewn together on top and bottom). 

Next, sew around all four sides with black thread; you may want to use a contrasting color so that it’s easier to see what you’re doing! 

Finally, place buttons over each seam where they meet up with their respective layers; this will keep them secure while allowing them room enough so they can be switched off easily when necessary (and since we don’t want any accidental electrical fires!). 

You may need some extra space depending on how big your buttons are or if there’s anything else in between them (like another button), but just do what feels right here!

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We hope that we’ve inspired you to get into the Halloween spirit with these spooky crafts. We love all of the projects, but our favorite is definitely the Black Cat Mask. It’s so creepy and cute at the same time! 

We also think that this would be a great project for kids because it doesn’t require any sewing or other complicated steps; just print out some patterns and follow along with our instructions on how to make them come alive.

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What are some easy Halloween crafts for kids?

Some easy Halloween crafts for kids include making paper ghosts and spiders, decorating pumpkin faces, and creating a DIY spiderweb with white yarn.

How can I make my own Halloween decorations at home?

You can make your own Halloween decorations at home by using simple materials like paper, cardboard, and felt to craft spooky creatures like bats, spiders, and ghosts. You can also repurpose common household items to create unique Halloween decor like recycled cans or mason jars.

What are some popular Halloween crafts for adults?

Some popular Halloween crafts for adults include creating a spooky wreath, carving a pumpkin, crafting a unique costume, or building a haunted house or graveyard display in your front yard.

Are there any Halloween crafts that can be done on a budget?

Yes, there are many Halloween crafts that can be done on a budget. You can use inexpensive materials like construction paper, tissue paper, and pipe cleaners to create fun and colorful decorations for your home and yard.

Where can I find more Halloween craft ideas?

You can find more Halloween craft ideas at crafting websites like Pinterest and Etsy, or by browsing DIY and crafting blogs online. You can also check out craft stores like Michaels and Jo-Ann for Halloween-themed crafting supplies and project ideas.