The Top Scrapbooking Trends Of The Year: What You Need To Know

Scrapbooking is an art form that dates back to the early 1900s. While it started off as a hobby for women, today it’s become more inclusive and modern. 

From digital scrapbooking to hybrid scrapbooks, there are so many different ways to express yourself through this medium. Here are some of the most exciting trends in scrapbooking right now:

The NEXT Big Trends in 2023 for Scrapbooking
1. Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve and present memories in a creative way.
2. Mixed media and interactive elements are popular trends in scrapbooking this year.
3. Minimalism and simplicity are also in, with a focus on clean lines and negative space.
4. Storytelling is a key aspect of modern scrapbooking, with journaling and captions accompanying photos.
5. Cardmaking and DIY projects are related to scrapbooking and offer alternative ways to explore creativity with paper crafts.

Digital Scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking is a great way to preserve memories, share your memories with others, and document your life.

In the past few years, digital scrapbooking has gained popularity due to the many benefits it offers. It allows you to store all of your favorite photos in one place so that they can easily be found later on. 

This means that any time you need inspiration or information about a certain event or person in your life you will have it at the tip of your fingers!

Digital scrapbooks also allow users to create interactive projects where there are videos embedded directly into the pages of their booklets. You can even add sound effects if desired!

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Travel Scrapbooking

Travel scrapbooking is a great way to document your travels. You can use either an old-fashioned photo album or scrapbooking software, and there are many different ways to do it.

Stickers: You can buy stickers with travel-themed designs or you can draw your own by hand. Stickers are a good choice for kids because they’re easy to use and offer lots of variety in how they look.

Journaling Prompts: If you’re more into writing than drawing, consider using journaling prompts like “Where did we go?” or “What was the best part?”. 

This will give your child something else to focus on besides the typical boring daily activities that aren’t really worth remembering anyway (like washing his hands after using the bathroom). 

Journaling prompts can also help him remember important events he might otherwise forget about over time due to age-related memory loss issues common among Millennials today!

Quotes: Quotes are another fun way for children (and adults) alike who enjoy reading but don’t want anything too long-winded before bedtime at night.”

Types of Travel Scrapbooking ProductsExamples
Travel-Themed Scrapbook KitsEcho Park Paper Company – Just Fly
Travel-Themed StampsTim Holtz – Mini Blueprints: Travelogue, Inkadinkado – Travel
Decorative PapersKaisercraft – Bon Voyage, Graphic 45 – Come Away with Me
EmbellishmentsVintage luggage tags, airplane charms, mini maps, and dimensional stickers
Printed PhotosPolaroid ZIP Mobile Printer, HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Travel scrapbooking provides a creative way to document your adventures and share the experience with others. In addition to the traditional photo albums or scrapbooking software, notable products and ideas include travel-themed scrapbook kits from Echo Park, travel-themed stamps from Tim Holtz and Inkadinkado, decorative papers from Kaisercraft and Graphic 45, and various travel-themed embellishments such as vintage luggage tags and airplane charms.

For printing photos on the go, portable printers like the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer and the HP Sprocket provide a fast and convenient option.

Pocket-Style Scrapbooks

A pocket scrapbook is a type of scrapbook that has pockets on the front and/or back cover. These pockets allow you to store memorabilia in them, such as photos, tickets or other mementos. This can be helpful if your scrapbook is getting too bulky to carry around with you.

Pocket-style scrapbooks can be created using any kind of paper you don’t have to buy special paper just for this purpose! 

The paper choices available at craft stores are usually sufficient for this kind of project. If you want something more creative, however, there are many companies that offer custom printable pocket pages for scrapbooking; these pages come pre-mounted on thick cardstock so all you have to do is pop them into an album and start filling up those pockets!

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In the last few years, stamping has become a popular scrapbooking technique. It’s easy to do and can be used in a variety of ways. 

You can stamp onto paper, cardstock and other surfaces to add your own personal touch to your scrapbook.

Project Life with Your Photos

Project Life is a scrapbooking style that is popular in the United States. It’s also referred to as “memory keeping” or “photo journaling”. 

Project Life requires you to collect your photos, add them to a layout, and then place them in an album with pre-made inserts (also called cards).

Project Life was created by Becky Higgins who used it herself for several years before she decided to share her system with others. 

With Project Life, you can easily create beautiful scrapbooks by adding photos and journaling on pre-printed cardstock inserts. This is especially useful if you’re not very artistic or don’t want to draw your own layouts!

Elements of Project LifeDefinition
Photo Pocket PagesThese are plastic page protectors where you can insert your photos, which can range in size and orientation. Becky Higgins is one brand that produces photo pocket pages.
Journaling CardsThese cards are designed for writing down memories or adding notes, dates, and captions. Some popular brands for journaling cards include Elle’s Studio and Studio Calico.
EmbellishmentsThese include decorative stickers, die cuts, washi tape, and more, which can be used to enhance the pages. American Crafts, Tim Holtz and Simple Stories are well-known brands.
Core KitsThese are ready-made kits that include coordinating journaling cards and embellishments. There are dozens of designs, including themes like travel, baby, and more. Becky Higgins and Heidi Swapp are examples of brands that produce Core Kits.

Home Decor Scrapbooks

You don’t have to be a scrapbooking expert to make your own home decor. You can use your scrapbooking skills to create special gifts for friends and family. Creating a scrapbook is a great way to document your life, from vacations, parties, and milestones.

It’s not just about preserving memories – it’s about doing it in style. Check out our Scrapbooking 101 guide to learn how to create beautiful layouts, use color to your advantage, and bring your stories to life.

Minimalist Scrapbooks

A minimalist scrapbook is one that has a focus on simplicity. The trend is towards adding less clutter from elements and embellishments, as well as having less photos and more white space on the page.

This does not mean you should skip adding photos or making your pages look complete; it simply means that less is more when it comes to how many items you use. 

You can still have plenty of embellishments in minimalistic scrapbooks, but they will likely be fewer than traditional layouts would have had because they are not competing with each other for attention or being too busy or cluttered looking.

There should also be less going on in terms of placement of embellishments as well – such as using just one type of sticker rather than multiple types placed in different areas throughout the page (for example). 

In addition, there should be no need for clusters when working within this approach because it goes against what makes this concept so appealing: less clutter!

Traditional Sticker Layouts

Traditional sticker layouts are a great way to add color and personality to your scrapbook. They’re also easy to create, as the supplies needed aren’t very expensive. You can find stickers in many different places: at local craft stores, online on Etsy and Amazon, or even at dollar stores!

Stickers are one of the best ways for beginners to get started with scrapbooking because they can be used in many different ways. 

They can be placed on top of your photos as backgrounds or as embellishments; you could even use them in lieu of traditional journaling (writing) if you want something more visually appealing than text!

If you have children who love stickers (and who doesn’t?!), then they’ll enjoy creating these fun layouts with their favorite characters and themes.

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Trendy Embellishments

Embellishments are a great way to add interest to your scrapbook. These items can be anything from stickers, ribbons, buttons, photos and more. They can be used to add color and texture in a variety of ways.

There are many places you can find embellishments for your scrapbook including online stores or craft stores like Hobby Lobby where you will find an enormous selection at reasonable prices. 

If you prefer the local route then think about checking out vintage shops for some unique finds that will add personality to your pages!

Types of EmbellishmentsExamples
StickersTim Holtz Idea-ology Clippings Stickers, Pinkfresh Studio Basic Label Stickers
Puffy StickersCrate Paper Hey, Santa Puffy Stickers, Heidi Swapp Emerson Lane Puffy Stickers
EphemeraMaggie Holmes Heritage Die-Cut Ephemera, Simple Stories Enamel Dots
CharmsMy Mind’s Eye Wandering Ivy Charm Set, Jewels and Puffy Hearts by Lawn Fawn
Washi TapeIllustrated Faith Basics Washi Tape, Doodlebug Design Petite Print Washi Tape

These trendy embellishments add visual interest and texture to scrapbook pages. Notable brands include Tim Holtz Idea-Ology, Crate Paper, Maggie Holmes, My Mind’s Eye, and Illustrated Faith, among others.

Hybrid Scrapbooking

Hybrid scrapbooking is a combination of digital and traditional scrapbooking. It allows you to use both print and digital media in your scrapbooks, which means they can be as simple or complex as you want them to be.

You can design your pages on your computer using any software that you prefer. When designing your page, think about what media will work best for it: do you want to use digital photos? Prints? Handwritten text? Use whatever tools make sense for the page or pages that you’re creating. 

Once everything looks how you want it onscreen, print the designs onto paper (or cardstock). Then add these printed pieces into your scrapbooks with glue or tape where needed!

Fonts and Typography Craze

Fonts and typography are one of the most exciting ways to add personality and style to your scrapbook. 

You can use them as a title on your scrapbook, as journaling or even on photos. Fonts are a great way to add a cohesive look to your scrapbook!

But with so many different fonts out there, where do you start? The best way is by picking up some pencils and trying different lettering styles. 

This may sound like a lot of work but it’s worth it if it means finding the perfect font for all of your projects!

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Warmer Colors, More Neutral Palettes, and Textures

You may not think of scrapbooking as an art form, but it’s a lot more than just pasting photos in a book. When you’re working on your next project, keep the following color and texture trends in mind:

Warmer colors like yellows, reds and oranges are making their way into scrapbooking this year. These hues can give your pages an uplifting feeling that’s perfect for summertime. If you want to create an elegant layout with a warm palette, try using pink-toned flowers or other soft shades of yellow against dark backgrounds.

Neutral palettes like browns, blacks and grays are also gaining popularity among scrapbookers because they’re ideal for creating vintage-inspired pages that feel chic yet timeless (not to mention they’re easy to match). 

You might want to pair neutral elements with bolder patterns or textures if you don’t want them to look boring for example, use stenciled shapes on top of solid colored papers or embellishments such as buttons or yarn tassels along the edges of your page!

Finally textured papers are becoming a staple among scrapbookers who enjoy creating mixed media projects; whether it’s wood grain paper placed underneath photo mats or fabric overlays used as background images–these materials add depth which makes them ideal for any creative project!

Type of Color PaletteExamples
Warmer ColorsRed, orange, and yellow. Popular brands include Tim Holtz Distress Oxides and Altenew.
More Neutral PalettesSoft shades of gray, beige, and muted pastels. Brands such as Simon Hurley create ink pads in these colors.
TexturesNatural textures like wood, cork and burlap are popular. Ranger’s Tim Holtz distress inks and Bo Bunny are examples

In summary, the current color trends in scrapbooking are leaning towards warmer colors, more neutral palettes, and natural textures, with brands like Tim Holtz, Altenew, Simon Hurley, and Bo Bunny leading the charge.


I hope that you’ve found these scrapbooking trends useful! Scrapbooking is a great hobby, and it’s easy to get started. 

You don’t need any fancy equipment or expensive materials—all it takes is some creativity, dedication and time. 

If you want to learn more about scrapbooking and see what others are doing in this exciting niche, check out some of my favorite blogs such as Paper & Stitch and Alicia’s Paperie (both of which are featured on our website). Good luck with your upcoming projects!

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What is scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is the art of creatively preserving and presenting memories in the form of a scrapbook. It involves using photos, journaling, and embellishments to create visually appealing pages that capture the essence of a particular event, person, or story.

What are the basic supplies needed for scrapbooking?

The basic supplies needed for scrapbooking include cardstock, patterned paper, adhesive, scissors, and photos.

What are the current trends in scrapbooking?

The current trends in scrapbooking include mixed media, interactive elements, minimalistic designs, and an emphasis on storytelling.

Can scrapbooking be done digitally?

Yes, digital scrapbooking is a popular alternative to traditional scrapbooking. It involves using photo manipulation software to create layouts and designs that can be printed or shared online.

How can I get started with scrapbooking?

To get started with scrapbooking, you’ll need some basic supplies and a plan of action. Consider what type of scrapbook you want to create, choose your photos and design elements accordingly, and start experimenting with layouts and techniques.