10 Amazing Crochet Patterns For Beginners

Crochet is a fun and easy craft to learn, but it can be overwhelming to pick the right pattern for your first project. 

You want to make sure that the pattern is simple enough for beginners, but also interesting enough to keep you entertained (and not bored). 

We’ve put together a list of 10 amazing crochet patterns perfect for beginners who want something fun and different!

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Takeaways for Beginners Crochet Patterns
1. Crochet is a fun and rewarding hobby that’s accessible to beginners.
2. A crochet hook and yarn are the two main materials you’ll need to get started.
3. Basic crochet stitches include the chain stitch, single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, and slip stitch.
4. There are countless beginner-friendly crochet patterns available online or in craft stores.
5. Simple projects like scarves, washcloths, or blankets are great for honing your crochet skills.

Granny Square Pattern

Granny squares are a classic crochet pattern that have been around since the 1970s. It’s a great beginner project because it can be made with any yarn and is easy to figure out.

To start, chain 6. Join with a slip stitch to form a ring. Chain 3 (counting as one double crochet), then double crochet 7 into the center of the ring you just joined. Slip stitch into first chain 3 space to join round.

Skip 2 stitches on next round, single crochet 5 into each stitch of previous round, skip 2 stitches on next round, then repeat until you have 2 stitches left from end of previous round; make sure you don’t skip two spaces in one row! (Note: For example: If there were 20 spaces in your last row – you would not want to skip 10 spaces for every other row). 

You will now be able to see “holes” forming from where you skipped over certain ones earlier on – this is normal!

Chain 1 then repeat steps 5-7 six more times until there are no holes left; instead all columns should stand tall before joining together at top edge for finishing touches such as tassels or fringe if desired!

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Shell Stitch Blanket Pattern

When you’re a beginner crocheter, it’s important to use eye-catching yarns that are easy to work with and won’t cause your fingers any pain. 

Shell stitch is a simple pattern that makes for a great beginner’s project because it uses only two stitches: double crochet and chain. 

You’ll want the yarn to be soft and flexible; if you’ve never worked with cotton before, this may not be the best option for your first project (though it will still produce a beautiful finish).

When starting out, I find an open-ended pattern like this one helpful because it allows you to make mistakes without having too much time invested in your project yet—and it looks amazing as well! 

The shell stitch blanket pictured above was made using Vanna’s Choice in white; however, there are so many other colors available from Lion Brand Yarns!

Pattern NameShell Stitch Blanket
Designed ByUnknown
Crochet Skills NeededChain Stitch, Single Crochet, Double Crochet
Skill LevelBeginner
Materials NeededYarn, Crochet Hook
Yarn TypeBulky Weight
Brand RecommendationBernat Softee Chunky
Hook Size6.5 mm
Gauge13 Stitches and 14 Rows in 4 inches
Final DimensionsApproximately 30 inches x 40 inches

Note: The Shell Stitch Blanket pattern can be found for free on many crochet websites, including Daisy Farm Crafts and Yarnspirations.

Simple Scarf Pattern

The Simple Scarf Pattern is a great way to start if you’ve never crocheted before. By following the pattern, you’ll learn how to start a scarf by making a chain, then continue with increasing and decreasing stitches as directed by the pattern. 

When you’re ready for your project to be completed, simply fasten off at both ends of your work. You can also make a fringe as shown in step 7 by cutting yarn into three pieces of equal length, tying them together with one end of each strand being longer than the others. 

To finish off your project, sew both sides together with yarn needle (or use fabric glue or craft tack) or trim any loose ends.

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Triangle Shawl Pattern

Triangle shawls are a fun and easy crochet project that you can make in any color you want. They’re perfect for beginners because it works up quickly, so you don’t have to spend months on something that’s only going to take up space in your closet (like some of us do with our first projects).

The best part about triangle shawls is that they come in many different shapes and sizes. You could even use this same pattern to make a rectangular shawl by using more rows, or making it longer—just adjust the number of stitches accordingly!

Tasseled Crochet Pillow Cover Pattern

This project is a perfect beginner’s crochet pattern. It uses only three stitches: single crochet, half double crochet and slip stitch. You can find the pattern for this pillow cover here.

Materials needed:

  • Crochet hook in a size that matches the yarn you are using (e.g., if you’re using bulky weight yarn, look for a larger hook)
  • Yarn in colors of your choice (I used two different colors of Red Heart Super Saver Solids)
  • Tapestry needle to weave in ends and sew your pillow cover together
Pattern NameTasseled Crochet Pillow Cover
Designed ByUnknown
Crochet Stitches UsedSingle Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Slip Stitch
Skill LevelBeginner
Materials NeededYarn, Crochet Hook, Pillow Form
Yarn TypeWorsted Weight
Brand RecommendationLion Brand Vanna’s Choice
Hook Size5.5 mm
Gauge12 Stitches and 10 Rows in 4 inches
Final DimensionsFits 16 inch x 16 inch pillow

Note: The Tasseled Crochet Pillow Cover pattern is available online for free on many crochet websites, including Repeat Crafter Me and Make and Do Crew.

Chevron Throw Blanket Pattern

The chevron throw blanket pattern is a classic crochet pattern and one that’s easy to follow. It’s the perfect beginner’s project for those looking for something simple, yet stylish.

If you’re looking for a more advanced project, this blanket will be great practice in learning more advanced stitches like bobble stitches and shell stitches.

Teddy Bear Crochet Applique Pattern

This crochet pattern for a teddy bear applique is easy to follow and looks amazing. You can use it on a blanket or hat, but if you’re looking for something more advanced, check out some of the other patterns throughout this article.

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Round Baby Rug Pattern

This pattern is called Round Baby Rug, and it’s a free pattern if you get it on the internet. It’s very easy to follow, even if you’re new to crocheting, because it uses stitches that are pretty intuitive (it’s written in US crochet terms). 

And the written instructions are in English—you don’t have to worry about translating your way through!

This pattern makes a round baby blanket with fringe at each end. It would be perfect for a little girl or boy who needs a soft place of their own to sit and play with their toys.

Pattern NameRound Baby Rug
Designed ByUnknown
Crochet TermsUS
Skill LevelBeginner
Materials NeededYarn, Crochet Hook
Yarn TypeWorsted Weight
Brand RecommendationRed Heart Super Saver
Hook Size5.5 mm
Gauge7 stitches and 4 rows per inch
Final DimensionsApproximately 30 inches in diameter

Note: The Round Baby Rug pattern is widely available for free on many crochet websites, including Ravelry and AllFreeCrochet.

Cabled Hat Pattern

This pattern is a great way to start your crochet journey. It’s easy to follow, has plenty of pictures and is written in both US terms and UK terms. 

The pattern includes two sizes (adult and child), takes around an hour or so to make and uses worsted weight yarn.

The author recommends a size medium head for this hat but it should fit most adults up to 22″/56cm circumference with 2-3″/5-8cm of negative ease.

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Modern Baby Blanket Pattern

This modern baby blanket is a beautiful and fun beginner project. It uses only the most basic crochet stitches, so it’s great for beginners who have never tried their hand at crocheting before.

It’s also a great choice for more experienced crocheters. The pattern works up quickly, which means it won’t take you long to finish your project and show off your awesome new baby blanket!

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So that’s it! These are my ten favorite crochet patterns for beginners. I hope you enjoyed reading about them and maybe even tried one or two for yourself. 

Remember, when you’re learning new skills it can be helpful to find someone who has experience in the same field. 

You could ask a friend or family member if they would show you how they do something specific before attempting it yourself so that way there’s no pressure on either side – just lots of fun!

Further Reading

If you’re looking for more inspiration for beginner crochet patterns, check out these resources:

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What is crochet?

Crochet is a craft technique that involves using a hook and yarn to create fabric by interlocking loops.

What are some basic crochet stitches to know for beginners?

Some basic crochet stitches include the chain stitch, single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, and slip stitch.

What materials do I need to start crocheting?

To start crocheting, you’ll need a crochet hook and yarn. It’s also helpful to have a pair of scissors and a darning needle for finishing off your projects.

What are some good beginner crochet projects?

Good beginner crochet projects include simple scarves, washcloths, dishcloths, or blankets. These projects are easy to complete with basic crochet stitches.

Where can I find beginner crochet patterns?

There’s a wealth of resources available for beginner crochet patterns. Online marketplaces like Etsy, craft stores, and specialized websites often carry a range of easy-to-follow beginner patterns.