15 Stunning Beaded Embroidery Projects To Try

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next beaded project, look no further. We’ve gathered 15 stunning beaded embroidery projects that are sure to inspire you. As a bonus, we’ve even included links to the tutorials so that you can get started right away!

FIVE amazing stitches using beads for hand embroidery
Key Takeaways
– Bead embroidery is a popular technique used in creating beautiful and unique jewelry.
– There are several types of bead embroidery techniques such as bead weaving, wire embroidery, and freestyle embroidery.
– Materials such as beads, embroidery floss, beading needles, and fabric are essential for bead embroidery.
– Handmade gifts such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings can be created using bead embroidery.
– To care for bead embroidery items, wash them gently in cool water with mild soap and lay them flat to dry.

A Heart-Shaped Bezel Setting For Your Favorite Stone

The bezel setting is one of the most beautiful and versatile jewelry-making techniques you can learn. It allows you to showcase a stone or other item in a way that really showcases the beauty of its shape, color and texture.

I’ve worked on a wide variety of bezel settings over the years  including using them to embellish earrings, necklaces and bracelets. 

But if there’s one thing I know first-hand, it’s that they aren’t always as simple as they look! If you’re new to this technique or haven’t had great luck with it in the past, here are some tips for getting started:

  • Use good quality tools — You’ll need a good pair of flat nose pliers (also called chain nose pliers), round nose pliers and wire cutters or flush cutters for this project; avoid flimsy tools at all costs!
  • Choose your metal wisely — You’ll want something highly malleable that won’t crack under pressure but also has enough strength so that your finished piece holds its shape well (this means no glass!). Your best bet is 14k gold filled wire because it’s easy to work with while still being fairly sturdy at the same time!
  • Take your time! Bezel setting can take longer than other types of beadwork because there are many steps involved in getting everything just right — but once done correctly yours will last forever so don’t give up! 🙂

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All Beaded Statement Necklace

The All Beaded Statement Necklace is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that’s sure to make you stand out. 

The necklace has a gold-plated metal chain and is made of glass beads with a lobster clasp that makes it easy to use and put on by yourself. 

It measures 18 inches in length, so it should be long enough to suit most people’s tastes; however, if this length isn’t right for you or your intended recipient, the product description says that they can adjust the size of the necklace at no charge.

The All Beaded Statement Necklace comes in two colors: blue and purple. It’s available on Amazon for $14.99 plus shipping charges which are often lower than those charged by other companies if you order through Prime Pantry or at Walmart for $12 (plus tax).

Bead It Like Beckham Letterman Jacket

A letterman jacket is an item of clothing that you’ll probably find in your local thrift store or on eBay. It’s a classic piece of menswear, typically made up of wool and leather, with patches on the sleeves to denote high school teams or clubs that the owner was part of. 

Popular in the 1940s through 1960s (and also during World War II), they’re still pretty common today so much so that they’re often seen as vintage items.

It may seem like an odd choice to decorate with beads, but consider: if you’re making a jacket inspired by Beckham himself, you can be sure he’d want it to be blinged out! 

The best way to do this is to use seed beads because they’re easy to work with and come in so many different colors but glass beads would also work well here too!

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Beaded Bell Sleeve Top

Beaded Bell Sleeve Top: This cute top is perfect for wearing on a night out with friends, or just as something cozy to wear around the house. 

You can make this top in any color you like, so it’s easy to match with different outfits. The pattern includes instructions and tips on how to sew your own beaded bell sleeve top!

Beaded Pom Pom Earrings


  • Large beaded pom poms (make sure they’re big enough to cover your earlobe)
  • Earring hooks or wires

Making the Earrings:

Glue the pom poms onto an earring hook or wire with a hot glue gun. You can attach them to the back of the hook/wire if you’d like, or make it so that they hang off of both sides of your earring hook/wire (like shown in my picture). 

Be careful not to overexpose your glue gun! If you do so, it’ll melt through plastic and become difficult to remove later.

Attach with jump rings if desired – this will allow for easier changing out of beads in future projects without having to repeat steps 1 & 2 every time!

Pom pomsSmall and fluffy pom poms for added decoration
BeadsSmall and colorful beads for an extra pop of color
Earring hooksNickel-free hooks to keep the earrings comfortable and hypoallergenic
HeadpinsTo attach the beads to the pom poms
PliersTo secure the headpins in place

Note: Brand names for specific materials can vary based on personal preference and availability.

Beaded Rose Brooch

This bead embroidery project is perfect for beginners. You can make this simple brooch yourself, and it’s sure to be a hit among anyone who receives it as a gift.

To get started on your own beaded rose brooch, you’ll need:

  • A gold or silver brooch with a large enough opening to accommodate the size of the beads
  • Several colors of beads (we recommend using wooden beads) in at least three different sizes—smaller than 4mm, larger than 12mm and somewhere in between them—as well as some seed beads if you want additional detail
  • Wire cutters or pliers

Jewelry making is a great way to explore your creativity and express your personal style. With our guide on how to make unique handmade jewelry, you’ll learn all the tips and techniques you need to create your own beautiful pieces at home. From beading and wire wrapping to metal stamping and resin casting, the possibilities are endless.

Beaded Sequin Top

This project is the perfect way to upcycle an old shirt you have laying around. The beads are sewn on to the fabric, so it’s a great way to reuse some of your bead jewelry that has lost its sparkle or no longer fits. 

If you don’t have any beaded jewelry, you can buy some inexpensive ones at craft stores like Michael’s, but if you do want something more unique and beautiful, try shopping online for authentic Thai silver beads (like these).

The sequin top pictured here was made using a basic T-shirt pattern that can be found online or in many sewing books. 

This pattern basically requires two pieces of fabric one for the front of your shirt and one for back both cut out with arms holes cut out as well. 

Then sew together at side seams and shoulders before adding embellishments such as embroidery or beads!

Floral Appliqué Lace Cuff

Floral appliqué is one of the most popular and easy embroidery techniques. It uses a combination of beads and embroidery stitches to create beautiful floral designs. The project below is a great example:

When choosing your design, start with a simple shape that you can easily repeat over and over again. In this case, I used an oval as my base shape for each flower (see below). You can use whatever stitch technique you want, but I like to use satin stitch because it has nice flowing lines that complement the curves of the flower petals nicely.

Once you’re done stitching all your flowers, fill in any empty space between them with some leaves or stems—they don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical; just make sure they look good together!

Gold And Blue Bejeweled Earrings

These earrings are made with gold and blue beads. A few strands of pearls and seed beads are added for interest. Bugle, glass, and crystal beads add the final touch to these gorgeous earrings!

Beaded Earrings – Gold And Blue Bejeweled Earrings

In a friendly tone: Use gold and blue beads for your beaded earring project. Add a few strands of pearls as well as seed beads for interest. You can also add bugle, glass or crystal beads to make this an even more stunning piece!

Jewelry making is a great way to explore your creativity and express your personal style. With our guide on how to make unique handmade jewelry, you’ll learn all the tips and techniques you need to create your own beautiful pieces at home. From beading and wire wrapping to metal stamping and resin casting, the possibilities are endless.

Layered Fringe Necklace


  • Beaded fringe necklace pattern with beads and findings
  • 2 strands of black embroidery floss (1 strand will be used to sew the beads on, 1 strand will be used for the fringe)
  • 4-5mm silver metal eye pins or 2-2.5mm silver metal jump rings (you can also use a regular jump ring if you don’t have any eye pins)
  • Scissors or wire cutter


Fold one end over your fingers and fold it back to create a loop that’s about 25cm long. Then take the other end of your string, wrap around about 5 times and push through loop at one end so that you create sort of a hair bobble-like shape with your string; just make sure there aren’t any loose ends sticking out from either side once it is done! 

This step needs to be done very carefully as too much pressure will cause things getting tangled up later on – I recommend using something soft such as cotton wool underneath when doing this process so they won’t hurt themselves while doing so 😉

ChainGold or silver chain for the base of the necklace
Jump ringsSmall metal rings for attaching the layers of fringe
FringeStrips of suede or leather for layering
Wire cuttersTo trim excess fringe and jump rings
Lobster claspTo fasten the necklace in place

Note: Brand names for specific materials can vary based on personal preference and availability.

Pup Themed Pillow Case

Pillow Cases:

Use a dog themed fabric. If you buy the fabric from an online store, make sure it’s not only woven with 100% cotton threads but also has a high thread count to ensure that the pillow case will be durable and long-lasting.

Use a dog themed bead or button for embellishment on your project. You can find these in craft stores or order them online in bulk so that you have plenty of options when creating different designs for each guest at your party!

If you want to go all out with this idea and make sure everyone knows who the birthday girl is when they arrive at her party, consider making all of your decorations include dogs! 

This will include everything from paper plates and cups to banners hanging around the room that read “Happy Birthday Julie” below them along with balloons tied onto chairs throughout every table inside (and outside) of your home/event venue as well as posters put up on walls within each room where guests can look at during breaks between eating cake or playing games during activities planned specifically for younger children who might get bored otherwise since there aren’t many articles available yet written about why adults like reading those kinds of magazines either…

Bead weaving is a popular and versatile jewelry making technique that can be used to create a variety of beautiful designs. Our comprehensive guide on bead weaving techniques is an essential resource for beginners and experienced beaders alike. With step-by-step instructions on popular stitches like peyote, brick, and herringbone, you’ll be able to create stunning beaded jewelry in no time.

Star-Themed Earrings For The Patriotic Soul

Use a star-shaped bead. You can find these in most craft stores, and they look great when paired with red, white, or blue beads.

Use a beaded star pendant. This is an easy way to incorporate the beaded star into your jewelry design without having to make the entire thing from scratch yourself!

Use a beaded star earring. If you want something that’s more dainty than what you’d get with a necklace or bracelet, this is perfect for you! Easy enough for beginners but still impressive enough for intermediate seamstresses/seamsters like myself 🙂

The Cutest Little Baby Knitted Boots With Beads And Pom Poms Galore!

This beaded boot pattern will enable you to make the cutest little baby knitted boots with beads and pom poms galore! 

The knitting pattern makes a pair of striped socks, which are then embellished with a chain of embroidered flowers. 

If you’re feeling ambitious, why not try this crochet pattern? Or if sewing is more your thing, check out this sewing pattern. A beading pattern? Yes please! And if crocheting’s more your thing, we’ve got a crocheting pattern just for you!

YarnSoft wool blend for warmth and comfort
BeadsSmall and colorful beads for added decoration
Pom pomsFluffy and playful pom poms for a touch of whimsy
NeedlesSize 6 knitting needles for a tight gauge
ScissorsTo cut yarn and trim pom poms

Note: Brand names for specific materials can vary based on personal preference and availability.

In this table, we have listed the essential materials needed to create the cutest little baby knitted boots with beads and pom poms. From soft wool blend yarns to small and colorful beads, these materials add both decoration and warmth to the boots.

The playful and fluffy pom poms provide an added touch of whimsy while size 6 knitting needles and scissors are the required tools for working on the project.

The Most Beautiful Tassel Necklace

A tassel necklace is a great project for beginners who want to give embroidery a try. The projects are very easy to follow and the materials needed are affordable. If you have an old shirt or scarf that you’re no longer using, use it for this project! You’ll only need 4 items:

  • A tassel (can be made out of beads or yarn)
  • Beads (size 8 seed beads work best)
  • Chain or similar jewelry findings (I used a gold chain from my local craft store)
  • Clasp of your choice

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There you have it, 15 stunning bead embroidery projects to try. We hope that this article has inspired you to pick up your needle and thread and make something beautiful for yourself. 

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just for fun, we believe that there is no better way than embroidery to bring out your creative side.

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What materials are needed for bead embroidery?

Some of the essential materials you need for bead embroidery include beads, embroidery floss or thread, beading needles, and a fabric or surface to embroider on. Other tools that may come in handy are embroidery hoops, scissors, and pliers.

What are some popular stitches used in bead embroidery?

Some of the popular stitches used in bead embroidery include the basic running stitch, backstitch, brick stitch, and peyote stitch. Each stitch has its own unique qualities and can be used for different design elements.

Can bead embroidery be done on clothing or other fabric items?

Yes, bead embroidery can be done on clothing, bags, shoes, and other fabric items. However, it’s important to consider the weight and type of beads you’re using, as well as the durability of the fabric you’re embroidering on.

How can I care for bead embroidered items?

Bead embroidered items should be handled with care to avoid damaging the beads and embroidery. It’s best to hand wash the item in cool water with mild soap and lay it flat to dry. Avoid exposing the item to heat or direct sunlight.

Are there any tips for beginners in bead embroidery?

Some tips for beginners in bead embroidery include starting with simple designs and stitches, practicing your technique on scrap fabric or beads, organizing your beads and materials before starting, and taking breaks to avoid eye strain or hand fatigue.