12 Crafts For Kids: From Simple To Complex

Crafts are a great way to get your children to express themselves and make something new. With the internet, there’s no shortage of ideas for what you can make with your child. 

We’ve selected 30 craft projects that range from simple to complex so that you can find one that works for you and your child!

1. Crafting can be a fun and creative way to spend quality time with your kids.
2. There are numerous easy and affordable crafting ideas available for different age groups of kids.
3. Encouraging your child’s creativity with crafting can improve their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities.
4. Crafting supports self-expression and self-esteem in kids.
5. If your child loses interest in crafting, try changing materials or projects to keep things fresh and exciting.

1. Polka Dot Pom-Pom Garland


  • pom-poms (any color), scissors and a needle and thread are the only required materials for this craft. You can use any type of yarn, but I prefer wool.

How to make it:

Cut out 5″ squares from colored paper or fabric sheets, then cut each square in half diagonally so that you end up with two triangles per square. You’ll need about 100 triangles for every foot of garland you want to make—so if you want a 10′ long garland, cut out 500 triangle pieces! (Or just go crazy with those pom-poms!)

Fold each triangle in half so that it forms an equilateral triangle (all three sides are equal). Then sew along one side using small stitches (you don’t have to be too careful here) until your thread runs out; tie off securely at the end with another knot as close as possible to where your last stitch was made; repeat until all of your triangles are sewn together into one long line!

Tie one end of the folded string around a nail on top of your door frame using an overhand knot; bring both ends down under itself until they meet again at the bottom point where they started out together again; tie them together with another overhand knot directly opposite where they originally met at their bottom tip point.”

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2. Handmade Paper Flowers

Making paper flowers is a lot of fun, and they are very versatile. You can add them to your home decor, use them as part of an outfit or give them away as gifts. Here’s how you do it:

Start by making a flower base from construction paper. Cut out two identical circles from the construction paper and glue them together with the flat side facing outwards (this is so that when you cut out the petals, they will go through). 

Alternately, you could just use cardstock instead of regular construction paper if you have some on hand; this won’t make any difference in terms of strength but will give your flower more body and make it feel less flimsy than if made entirely with thin sheets of white or colored paper stock which may rip easily when handled roughly by children during playtime activities such as crafts projects involving arts-and-crafts materials like origami kits for kids.”

Handmade Paper Flowers

Materials NeededSteps
Crepe paper or tissue paper1. Cut the crepe or tissue paper into flower petals and leaves of different sizes
Florist wire2. Make a small hole in the center of each petal and thread the wire through the hole
Floral tape3. Wrap the wire in floral tape to create the stem and secure the petals and leaves in place
Scissors4. Shape the flower as desired and use scissors to curl or fringe the edges of the petals
Green floral tape or floral wire5. Use green floral tape or floral wire to create leaves and attach them to the stem
Glue or hot glue gun6. Add any additional embellishments, such as stamens or glitter, using glue or a hot glue gun

3. DIY Emoji Pencil Holder

This is an easy craft for kids of all ages. Your little one will love the bright colors and cute faces of these emoji pencil holders.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • Cardstock (in the color of your choice)
  • Construction paper (in two or three different colors)
  • Scissors or a paper trimmer (to cut out the shapes)
  • Glue (to glue the pieces together)

How long does it take to make? It should take about 30 minutes to create from start to finish!

What can you use it for? It would work great as a gift idea—or even just a decoration in a child’s bedroom or playroom!

4. Tea Box Art Supply Organizer

Collect your supplies. You’ll need a tea box, glue gun, pencil sharpener and paint brush (or a pencil), paper clip or binder clip, ruler, pen or marker (or crayon or pencil), scissors or craft knife and eraser.

Attach the handles to each side of your tea box using hot glue gun (you can also use duct tape). Make sure that they are strong enough to hold up all your supplies!

Now add some more decorations with glue gun if you want them to shine in another way than their natural colors do!

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5. Monster Corner Bookmark Origami For Kids

To make a monster corner bookmarks, you will need:

  • 3 pieces of paper with the same size.
  • Scissors and glue or tape.

To fold your monster corner bookmark:

Fold one piece of paper in half vertically, then horizontally creating an X-shaped crease in the center of your sheet of paper (1).

Fold away the top two corners on one side so that they meet at their edges (2). Repeat this step for each side so that you have four flaps sticking out like little arms connected to each other at points where they were folded (3). Wrap a rubber band around these flaps so they stay together while you open them up again later on (4).

Materials and Steps

Materials NeededSteps
Colored paper (A4 size or 8.5″ x 11″)1. Start with a square piece of paper – either A4 size or 8.5″ x 11″ paper cut into a square
Scissors2. Fold the paper diagonally in half to form a triangle
Glue stick or double-sided tape3. Open up the triangle and fold it diagonally the other way
Markers or pens4. Fold one of the corners up to the top point of the triangle
Googly eyes5. Take one top layer of paper and fold it down, lining up with the bottom edge of the paper
Black felt-tip pen6. Fold the other top layer of paper down, again lining up with the bottom edge
White felt-tip pen7. Cut the two layers of paper on one side to create the bookmark’s mouth
Pencil8. Add special features to your monster (teeth, tongue, spots, etc.)
9. Insert the corner of the page you want to mark into the bookmark’s mouth
10. Use a glue stick or double-sided tape on the back of your bookmark to hold it in place

6. Plastic Spoon Flower Craft

This is a fun, no-fuss craft to do with those plastic spoons that you have a million of. You can make these flowers in any color combination you want!

What You’ll Need:

  • Plastic spoons (as many as you want)
  • Paint (optional)
  • Popsicle sticks or toothpicks for stems, if desired

How To Make It: 1. Paint each spoon one solid color (or however many colors you want). If you don’t feel comfortable painting something yourself, check out this post on an easy way to make glitter glue! 2. 

Once they’ve dried completely and have time to cure, use the popsicle stick or toothpick handle as the stem and poke holes all around the top edge of your flower petals so they won’t fall apart when displayed in vases at home or school! 3. 

Now display them proudly wherever everyone can see how pretty they are we recommend placing them on windowsills since sunlight helps give them more depth than artificial light sources such as lamps would provide.”

7. DIY Marbled Mugs

The marbling process is simple: you mix a few different colors of paint, dip your brush in it, and create a swirly pattern on the mug. 

Then you dip the mug into another color of paint while swirling it around to create a new design on top of your first creation. You can keep going until you run out of ideas or space!

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8. Rainbow Paper Wreath

  • Materials:
  • Paper
  • Tape, preferably the kind that doesn’t leave residue.
  • Tissue paper in rainbow colors. I used pink, yellow, green and blue. You can make this craft with any colors you’d like!
  • How to Make It: Using the tape and paper (one sheet per child), have your child glue strips of tissue paper onto their wreath base until it is completely covered with color. Then have them hang it on a wall or door using ribbon or string!

9. Felt Planters

  • Felt, glue, pom poms and pipe cleaners (optional)
  • Twine or ribbon (optional)
  • Scissors

Step 1: Cut out the felt pieces you need. You’ll want a piece of each color for your flower pot, as well as smaller pieces for your stems, leaves and flowers. 

The pom poms can be used in place of these other shapes if you’d like less work! Glue the pieces together to form the basic shape of your plant pot before moving on to step 2. You’ll notice that I’ve added some extra layers inside my planter at this point; this is so that when it becomes waterlogged with soil it will still hold its shape.

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10. Paper Bag Penguin Puppet Craft With Template

This craft is perfect for the kid who wants to be an artist or designer when they grow up. It’s super easy to make, but you’ll get a lot of creative satisfaction from making it look as cool as possible. 

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • paper bag (this needs to be fairly sturdy)
  • glue stick or tape
  • scissors/X-acto knife/craft knife (you can use these for cutting out your template if you want)

You can use any kind of paper bag; however, if you want something that looks really clean and sleek on camera, we recommend using brown paper bags from the grocery store because they don’t have any logos printed on them. 

The tricky part about this project is folding the template into a puppet by yourself if someone helps out with this step, it would definitely make it easier! Once all of that is done though…it’s time to decorate! 

Our favorite way would probably be sticking colored leaves onto one side then adding some sequins around its head area so it looks like antlers 🙂

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We hope these crafts have inspired you to create a little bit of magic in your home. A handmade gift can go a long way, and making something with your own hands is always special. Now get out there and start crafting!

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What are some easy and fun crafts for kids to make at home?

There are many easy and fun craft ideas for kids to make at home, such as paper crafts, painting, clay modeling, and DIY jewelry.

How can I encourage my child’s creativity through crafting?

You can encourage your child’s creativity by providing them with materials, encouraging experimentation and self-expression, and celebrating their completed projects.

What are some age-appropriate crafting ideas for kids?

Age-appropriate crafting ideas for kids range from simple paper crafts, such as origami, to more complex projects like woodworking or sewing. It’s important to choose crafting projects that match your child’s age and skill level.

Are there any benefits to crafting for kids?

Crafting can benefit children in many ways, including improving fine motor skills, developing problem-solving abilities, and promoting self-expression and creativity.

What should I do if my child loses interest in crafting?

If your child loses interest in crafting, try changing materials or projects to keep things fresh and exciting. You can also encourage your child to share their creations with friends or family members to show off their hard work.