10 Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids

In the spirit of Christmas and crafty fun, we’re sharing 10 easy DIY crafts for kids. These are perfect for keeping little ones occupied during those crazy holiday prep days. You can make them together or do them separately depending on how much time you have available.

10 Easy DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids to Try – YouTube
1. There are many fun and easy Christmas crafts that kids can make with simple materials like paper, glue, and scissors.
2. Crafts like paper snowflakes, homemade ornaments, popsicle stick reindeer, and handprint wreaths are popular choices for kids.
3. When choosing crafts, make sure they are age-appropriate and suit your child’s skill level.
4. Creating a festive atmosphere with decorations, snacks, and music can help make crafting more fun and holiday-themed.
5. There are many resources available online, including blogs, tutorials, and Pinterest boards, that provide inspiration for Christmas crafts.

1. Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

To make a paper plate Christmas tree craft, you’ll need:

  • One large paper plate (12-inches or bigger)
  • Two smaller plates in shades of green to use as the base of the tree’s trunk and branches.

You can optionally decorate your tree by cutting out shapes from colored construction paper, gluing on googly eyes and painting it with markers. If you’d like to hang your tree upside down, use hot glue or strong tape to stick it to a wall.

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2. Easy Salt Dough Ornaments


  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 cup flour
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil or cooking oil
  • 2 tablespoons water (or more if necessary)

Mix the ingredients together in a large bowl until they form a dough. The easiest way to do this is by mixing with your hands. Use extra flour if you need to, but try not to overdo it as the dough shouldn’t be too dry. 

If there are still lumps of salt in the mixture, break them down by pressing them between your fingers and kneading them into the rest of the mixture until they’re all smooth and evenly distributed throughout. 

The finished product should feel soft like Play-Doh but stiff enough that it holds together when squeezed between your hands; don’t worry about making it perfectly smooth or anything like that—you just want it firm enough so that you can roll out an ornament without it falling apart on you!

3. Santa Claus Hand Print Craft

This is a great craft that you can do with your kids and it will make them feel like they are getting their Christmas presents early. It’s also easy to make and doesn’t require much time or materials either. You will need:

  • 2 sheets of paper (one large and one small)
  • A black marker (or crayon)
  • Coloring pencils
  • Glue stick

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4. Paper Candy Canes

Prepare the candy canes. Use a glue stick to cover one end of a paper candy cane with red paint. Cover the opposite end of the same paper candy cane with green paint. Allow both sides to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Place glitter glue pen dots where you want to place your lights, then use a glue gun (or hot glue) to attach them in place and hang them up!

Materials NeededTools Needed
Red and white paperScissors
Glue or tapePencil

This table outlines the materials and tools needed to make paper candy canes. Using red and white paper, you can easily create festive decorations that can be hung on a tree or wall. Simply cut strips of paper, twist them together, and attach the ends with glue or tape.

A pencil can be used to help create a more uniform twist. This craft is easy and affordable, making it perfect for kids and adults alike.

5. DIY Doily Wreath Ornament


  • Doilies (find them at your local dollar store or in craft sections of stores)
  • Ribbon, twine or yarn
  • Scissors


Arrange doilies into a wreath shape and create a loop to hang it with. Tie the ribbon around the outside of the wreath to secure it in place. You can also glue them on if you don’t have ribbon available!

Cut off any excess ribbon at the bottom so that only about an inch hangs down from underneath your doily wreath ornament when finished hanging on your tree branch or door handle!

The cost is just $1 per item if you choose to purchase one but there are many different ways in which these can be made yourself as well 🙂 

This project takes roughly 15 minutes depending on how many times children will ask questions while working together as a family during Christmas time 🙂 

Perfect for preschoolers through teenagers alike because everyone loves receiving handmade gifts from loved ones during this special time of year when we all come together under one roof after being apart for months on end during summer break.”

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6. Jam Jar Snow Globes

What you need:

  • A jar or a clear plastic cup with a lid
  • Water (you can use distilled, but tap will work just fine)
  • Food coloring or glitter in any color(s) of your choice
  • Glitter (optional)

How to make them:

Mix the water and food coloring in a bowl, then pour into the jar or cup. Be sure to leave room for shaking! You should also put some glitter in there, if desired. 

You may want to experiment with different amounts until you find your favorite combination of colors and sparkles. 

Don’t forget—you’ll need something else too! The snow globes don’t come out of the jars without this final step…

7. Reindeer Windsock

NOTE: You can use a fabric marker to draw the eyes on or you can cut out two circular shapes from black construction paper and glue them on.

Materials needed: 2 pieces of white fabric, 3/4 yd each; 1 piece of red fabric, 3/4 yd; 1 large safety pin; 1 reindeer template printed out onto white paper or cardstock; one spool of green thread for sewing (or use green pipe cleaners); scissors.

Instructions: First, print out the reindeer template onto white paper and cut it out using scissors or a craft knife. Use this as a guide to cut out two small circles from your red fabric and two medium circles from your white fabric. 

Cut one long strip of red material that measures approximately 6″ x 9″ (that’s six inches wide by nine inches tall). This will be used to make Santa’s antlers later in the project — just don’t cut it yet!

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8. Yarn & Button Tree Ornament


  • Yarn in various colors (red, green and white are traditional)
  • Small buttons that match the yarn colors
  • Paint brush and paint (any kind of paint will do)
  • Clear coat spray paint (optional)

Steps to Create:

Cut a small piece of yarn for each ornament you wish to make. You should have one piece long enough to fit around your tree branch and another shorter piece for tying the ornament on.

Tie an end of each long strand through a button hole at the top center of each ball or sphere-shaped ornament; then wrap the other end around itself to create a knot at its base, making sure it’s tight enough so it won’t slip off when you hang it on your tree branch later!

If you want these ornaments looking really cute, try using multiple colors in one as shown above…this is great because then they become like little snowflakes representing each member of your family!! 🙂 If not (or if they’re too difficult), just keep things simple by sticking with just one color per paper mache ball! 

PMC Crafts Tip: Have kids help decorate their own balls once they’ve been made – whether this means adding glitter glue dots etc., or even painting over them themselves before letting dry completely so that designs appear underneath their surface layer too! 

This way everyone has fun taking ownership over his/her creation during this process…and gets excited about seeing what comes out when done!”

Materials NeededTools Needed
Green yarnScissors
Buttons in various sizesHot glue gun
Ribbon or twineButton threader

This table outlines the materials and tools needed to create a yarn and button tree ornament. By using green yarn to create the tree shape and various buttons for ornaments, you can create a cute and customizable decoration. Simply wrap the yarn around and hot glue the buttons in place, then attach a ribbon or twine loop for hanging using a button threader.

9. Cotton Ball Reindeer Craft

This is an easy craft that you can use to decorate your Christmas tree. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cotton balls
  • Glue gun
  • Hot glue gun (optional)

Glue the cotton balls onto a piece of cardboard or poster board in whatever shape you want your reindeer to be in (i.e., a circle, heart, triangle). 

The secret to making this craft look good is using very few cotton balls and keeping them close together so they all look like one big cloud-like shape when it’s finished! 

If you don’t have any cardboard or poster board lying around, simply find some newspaper and create your own background by folding it over several times until it’s thick enough for the glue gun to stick on top of it without tearing through immediately after applying pressure from different directions at once (which may cause cracks). 

Then just follow these steps again: apply glue gun onto one side first before moving down towards another side; hold firmly for about 30 seconds then let go off pressure carefully so there aren’t any folds sticking out at odd angles; repeat until done!

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10. Christmas Tree Garland Upcycled T-Shirt Craft

This is another easy Christmas craft for kids to make. You can use any shirt you have lying around and turn it into a garland. 

If you don’t have any old shirts, you can also use old bedsheets and curtains to make this craft! The only supplies that are needed are: the t-shirt, scissors and string or ribbon (or if you’re feeling fancy, crochet thread).

First cut your shirt into long strips with the scissors – the number of strips depends on how long of a garland you want to make but I would recommend about 5-10 strips per person making it so that it’s good enough for hanging on your tree without being too thin or flimsy. 

Then tie each strip together using either string or ribbon so that they’re all connected but still look like one big piece when hung up!

Materials NeededTools Needed
Old T-shirts (green, white)Scissors
Twine or stringRuler
Tape or glue
Decorative beads or sequins

This table outlines the materials and tools needed to create a Christmas Tree Garland using upcycled T-shirts. By using old T-shirts, you can save money and help reduce waste. Simply cut the T-shirts into strips, tie them onto a string, and decorate with beads or sequins to create a festive garland that can be hung on a tree or wall.


If you have any more Christmas craft ideas to add to this list, please share them with us in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you and may even feature your idea on one of our social channels.

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How can I make easy Christmas crafts with my kids?

There are many easy Christmas crafts that can be made with a variety of materials, such as paper, glue, tape, scissors, and markers. Some popular craft ideas for kids include paper snowflakes, homemade ornaments, popsicle stick reindeer, and handprint wreaths.

How do I choose age-appropriate crafts for my kids?

It’s important to choose crafts that are appropriate for your child’s age and skill level. Younger children may enjoy simpler crafts, such as coloring pages or using stickers, while older children may be able to handle more complex projects.

What materials do I need for Christmas crafts?

The materials you need will depend on the craft project you choose. Some common materials include construction paper, markers, scissors, glue, glitter, and paint. Make sure to read through the project instructions carefully to determine what materials you’ll need.

How can I create a festive atmosphere while completing these crafts with my kids?

Having some holiday music playing in the background, decorating the room with lights and festive decor, and preparing some snacks or hot cocoa can all help to create a fun and festive atmosphere while completing Christmas crafts with your kids.

Where can I find inspiration for Christmas crafts?

In addition to the resources listed above, there are many other sources of inspiration for Christmas crafts, such as craft blogs, YouTube tutorials, and Pinterest boards. You can also try coming up with your own ideas by brainstorming with your kids or looking for inspiration in the world around you, such as in nature or in your favorite holiday stories.